4' x 5' Perpetual Harvest Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kit

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Harvest Pounds Every Few Weeks With The Perpetual Harvest Multi-Chamber Tent Kit From Fullbloom Hydroponics!

Introducing the ONLY grow tent kit on the market to allow for 3 continues grows at the same time.  The Perpetual Harvest Multi Chamber Kit lets you propagate (from seed or clones), vegetate, and flower at the same time so you can harvest more often without needing extra equipment. By the time the flowering plants are ready for harvest, another set of foot tall plants will be ready to transfer into the flowering chamber allowing for non-stop harvesting!

Grow automated with our soil or hydro system and choose from HPS or LED grow lights, the Perpetual Harvest Grow Tent gives you the option to grow your way. This kit comes with 100% of the tools you need to start growing today, just add seeds or clones!



Your Fullbloom Hydroponics 4' x 5' Perpetual Harvest Grow Tent Kit comes with:

  • Exact Dimensions: 47"d x 62"w x 82"h (120cm x 160cm x 205cm)
  • Secret Jardin Lodge Grow Tent – The Only Grow Tent Manufacturer To Make A Multi Chamber Tent. Light Tight & Sturdy Construction.
  • Comes Standard With Everything Needed To Propagate, Vegetate, And Flower Your Plants.
  • 600w B-Lite High Pressure Sodium Lighting System, Spectrum King's SK402 High Efficiency LED (Made in the USA), Or Award Winning Kind LED K5-XL750 LED Grow Light For The Flowering Chamber (See Upgrade Tab)
  • Nanodome Propagation System & T5 Light For Propagation Chamber
  • 125 Watt CFL Light & Reflector Or Kind LED K3-L600 For Vegetation Chamber (See Upgrade Tab)
  • Award Winning Super Bubbleflow Bucket System OR Optional Soil Package Using The Autopot System- Automated Soil Bucket System
  • 6” Air Cooled Yieldmaster Reflectors & All Necessary Ducting
  • 2 – 6” Hurricane Inline Fans & A Single 4” Inline Fan (For Vegetation Chamber)
  • 6”x16”Black Ops Carbon Filter For The Flowering Chamber & A 4”x12” Carbon Filter For The Vegetation Chamber
  • Award Winning Botanicare Kind Series 3 Part Nutrient Package
  • Optional Botanicare Plant Supplements (See Upgrade Tab)
  • Digital readout Temperature/Hygrometer
  • Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration Medium For Soil Package, Hydroton for Hydroponics Package
  • 3 – 6” Internal Circulation Fans For Maximum Airflow
  • PH/TDS Testing & Control Equipment
  • Optional Bluelab Guardian Nutrient Monitor (See Upgrades Tab)
  • Instruction Manual With Easy Setup Instructions And Comprehensive Grow Tips
  • 3 year warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Service

lod260.jpgSecret Jardin Lodge 160 Multi Chamber Tent

Your 4’ x 5’ Secret Jardin tent is the only tent on the market to have a dividing chamber with a shelf for multi harvest growing. Growing multiple cycles of plants at once allows for you to cut the time of harvest in half (or more). By the time the flowering plants are ready for harvest, another set of foot tall plants will be ready to transfer into the flowering chamber allowing for non stop harvesting! This cuts out the need for buying a vegetative and clone box or tent kit in addition to your flowering kit.

Coming in at just under 4 feet deep, 7 feet tall, and 5 feet wide this tent allows for multi chamber growing without having to sacrifice on having a small flowering chamber. Secret Jardin has a long history of making quality tents that are both light proof and durable.

Instruction Manual & Comprehensive Grow Tips

Your grow kit includes a comprehensive Instructions and Grow Tips to help you get the most out of your garden. Still need help? Free lifetime customer service is included from both Fullbloom Hydroponics and the Manufacturer.

screen-shot-2015-11-30-at-4.48.55-pm.png600W B-Lite Digital Dimmable High Frequency Ballast MH/HPS (120/240V)

The B-Lite ballast has a high frequency output, allowing it to ignite and run double ended bulbs, as well as protecting your equipment from faulty electrical systems with a soft ignition process. Using advanced technology, Soft-Start Technology may increase the life of your lamps. Soft-Start Technology slowly applies power to the lamp, and is capable of sensing the lamp temperature and/or short circuits. To ensure cooler running temperatures and longevity, B-Lite comes equipped with a thermostat controlled internal fan. B-Lite can be ran at 40%, 60%, and 100%, and 110%.

  • Smart ignition to protect lamps and circuit overload when running multiple ballast.
  • Soft start technology for longer lamp life.
  • Multiple wattage options, including a Super Bright setting
  • 4 sides of heat dispersing fins to provide optimal cooling
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Works with both HPS and MH bulbs as well as being high frequency to run double ended lamps 
  • Standard socket to work with most reflectors
  • 99% Power factor
  • Comes with a 600w bulb and a 6" air cooled reflector to provide a complete lighting system

Hydroponic Option: 6 Site Super Bubbleflow Bucket System (Flower) and 8 Site Superponic System (Veg) 


Grow hydroponic with the Super Bubbleflow Bucket option! This system uses deep water culture and ebb and flow style of hydroponics to help promote large yields in record time. This system comes with a custom molded 35 gallon reservoir, 6 - 5 gallon bubble buckets with large 10" net pots, and pumps for both water and air to keep your system well aerated and watered. 
Our hydro option also comes with a single Superponic 8 site hydroponic system for use in your veg chamber. 

6pot-system-600x600.jpgAutoPot 6 Site Automated Soil Bucket System

The Autopot bucket system is a very popular self-watering system that takes all the hassle out of soil growing. No longer do soil growers have to water by hand everyday. The autopot system gravity feeds water via a wick system to the base of your plants. Additionally, we add oxygenation bubblers to the bottom of each bucket so soil growers can get the benefits of an oxygen rich root zone that hydroponic growers get.

nano-dome.jpgSunblaster Nano Dome Propagation Package

SunBlaster's Mini Greenhouse makes propagation easy! This custom kit includes everything you need to start flower or vegetable seedlings, propagate fresh cuttings, or grow fresh herbs in the propagation chamber. This kit gives you a high power T5HO 6400k lamp & reflector, Nano Dome tray and cover, seedling heat mat, and high quality plugs.

960380-01.jpg125w CFL/Reflector vegetation Package

Our vegetation chamber comes standard with a 125 watt CFL light that uses a blue lighting spectrum made for vegetative growth. This high power, energy efficient light gives everything needed for your plants vegetative stage.

pg01-000056.jpg2 - Black Ops Industrial Grade Activated Carbon Filters

The perfectly designed carbon filter made by Phresh eliminates 100% of the odor produced inside of your grow room. You can expect about two years of use before needing to replace the activated carbon - Which is very easy to do.  This carbon filter helps to make sure that the air coming out of your cabinet is clean and odorless! In this kit you’ll have a large carbon filter for the flowering chamber and an additional filter for the vegetation room to ensure your grow is odor and contaminate free.

hurricane-fan.jpg3 - Hurricane Inline Fans (On Non LED Package)

Hurricane Inline Fans are commercial grade, high performance fans that remain quiet and stealthy. They are made of steel with a durable ceramic-coated finish. Two 6” fans are used in the standard air cooled package (one with LED package) and one 4”fan for the vegetation chamber.

botanicare-kind-3-part.jpgBotanicare Kind Series Nutrients

Botanicare is one of the most respected and well known brands among growers in the know. Their nutrients are often called “Organish” as they harness the effectiveness of fast delivery liquid nutrients without harsh chemicals of most synthetics. Several studies we’ve seen show their nutrients don’t kill beneficial bacteria which is huge for healthy plants. Their new Kind series provided with this kit has TONS of great reviews and grow journals proving their effectiveness. The simple 3 part nutrient package (Kind Base, Kind Grow, and Kind Bloom) takes the risk and complication out of other nutrients.  We also offer a Botanicare supplement package for those of you who want to go all out with your plant care. (see Upgrades Tab Above)

pg18-000048.jpgTDS Meter

The TDS-EZ Meter has a large and easy-to-read LCD screen.  It has a transluscent blue housing made of strong and durable plastic.  On the back of the meter you will find a color coded chart that explains the TDS values so you know exactly how to read your meter.  This meter is perfect for testing the amount of nutrients in your hydroponic system.

pg18-000095.jpgGeneral Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Are your plants looking funny? Check your pH! Regularly checking your pH is one of the most important parts of running a hydroponic system. Each kit comes complete with a pH Control Kit from General Hydroponics. The kit comes with 8 ounces of pH Up, 8 ounces of pH down, pH indicator solution, test vial, a dropper, and a color coded identification chart. Milwaukee instruments pH Tester also included for easy, accurate testing.

pg29-000043.jpgDigital Thermometer and Hygrometer

Wondering what the temperature and humidity is inside of your grow tent? Our Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer takes the guesswork out of managing your plants by providing you with accurate temperature and humidity readings on the fly. This unit comes complete with a clock function, alarm, 12 / 24 hour mode, and a waterproof temperature probe.

736735-01.jpg3 - Air King Internal Circulation Fan

This fan is perfect for the interior of the tent.  It is a 2 speed, 6 inch internal circulation fan which produces 100 or 160 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of airflow depending on the setting.  The purpose of the fan is to create a breeze that moves your plants - This recreates natural wind, which is crucial because it helps to strengthen the stems of the plant so that they can handle the weight of the massive fruit and vegetables they will produce!  The fan is fully adjustable - Change the height, speed, and tilt of the fan so that your plants grow nice and strong.

734150-01.jpg8-Outlet Power Strip w/ Analog Timer

This timer is one of the most crucial parts your kit.  It is responsible for regulating the on / off cycle of the lights, exhaust fan, and internal circulation fan.  Programming the timer is super easy - Once you have it setup you can safely leave your grow room for days at a time without worrying. There are 4 outlets that are constantly powered and 4 that are set to the timer.

kind-led-package.jpegKind LED Package

The Kind LED upgrade package replaces HPS and the CFL lighting for the kit. This uses two of the most popular LED grow lights on the market,  the K5-XL750 and the K3-L600 veg for the vegetation chamber. Using the LED package enables you to get stronger lights on your plants and a better light spectrum for faster & bigger harvests while reducing your overall energy footprint by as much as 50%.  LED lights last longer than HID and as such the entire light is warrantied for 3 years.


screen-shot-2018-10-31-at-4.10.02-pm.png Spectrum King LED SK402 Flower Chamber Upgrade


This high efficiency LED grow light from Spectrum King LED has a true wattage of 460 and is designed to replace a standard 1000W single ended HPS lighting system. This full spectrum LED will pay for itself by saving you money on costs related to power draw, cooling, and bulb replacements over the life of the light. Worried about longevity and service? Don't be, Spectrum King carries a 5 year mechanical warranty on all parts and labor!


botanicare-572x228.jpgBotanicare Suppliment Package

The Botanicare supplemental package pairs perfectly with the the 3 part Kind nutrient package already provided. Though the already standard & included Botanicare nutrient package will provide you with an epic harvest -  the supplemental package can help improve speed of vegetation as well as the overall health and disease resistance of your plants. The Botanicare supplement package includes; Liquid Karma & a spray bottle (faster vegetative growth), Silica blast (strengthens plant tissue), Clearex (for flushing salts and preventing nutrient lockout) & Hydroplex (a bloom booster for maximum bud production).


pg04-000010.jpgCO2 Kit

CO2 is simply amazing - One simple component can increase your growth rate by up to 50%!!  This CO2 kit comes complete with a Solenoid, Regulator, Timer, and Injection Tubing.  Professional growers know the true value of a quality CO2 system since your plants use CO2 for photosynthesis or growth. That's why you would have a hard time finding a serious grower that doesn't use a CO2 system, and it is super easy to setup inside the tent. Estimated setup time is only 5 minutes!  Note: CO2 tank not included.


738305-01.jpgReverse Osmosis Water Filter

Is your city / municipal water full of chloramines?  Do you have well-water full of iron and sulfur?  If so, a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter will solve all of your water woes.  Save the hastle of buying water from the grocery store!  Our Reverse Osmosis Water Filter can provide up to 300 GPD (gallons per day) of highly purified, ultra low PPM water.  It will remove 99%+ of chloring and other contaminants.  Due to its high quality, ultra high efficiency design, it wastes 25% less water than other RO systems.

This system is customized and designed specifically for gardening and hydroponics.  Specifications are based on inlet water of 77° F, 60 psi, and 500 ppm.


  • 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • 2 Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Carbon Filter
  • Cleanable Sediment Filter
  • Automatic shut-off cartridge
  • Wall Mountable Metal Bracket
  • Garden Hose Connector
  • Inline Shut-Off (8ft.)
  • Drain Line (5ft.)
  • Inlet Line
  • Filter Wrench
  • Instructions

Unit weighs 9.8 lbs. and measures 16.5" x 14".


pg18-000111.jpg24-7 Nutrient Monitor: Bluelab guardian Monitor Connect & Connect Stick

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect removes the hassle of having to check nutrients levels, PH, and temperature with the standard testing equipment. It also comes available with a data connect stick so you can datalog critical parameters to your computer for you. For those of you that get worried about your girls while you're away, simply access the cloud from any mobile and check on your girls from afar.  No competitor comes close for the price.

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