The Advanced Grow Box Concept

While for many people a grow box typically revolves around the idea of a very simple apparatus in which plants can grow, there have been a number of advances over the years. For the most part the concept of the grow box is maintained from design to design, a hydroponic growth system in an enclosure that is somewhat compact. At first this design was applied to enclosures such as tote boxes, but over the years the grow box has seen incarnations in everything from dressers to lockers. This flexibility has spelled out a good deal of innovation where grow boxes are concerned and has resulted in designs that can accommodate the needs of just about any grower.

Multi-Tiered Growing

When grow boxes were first introduced they mostly accommodated only the entire growth cycle of a plant, that is to say that each stage of its life was not optimized. Grow boxes now often feature compartments in which clones are allowed to mature. Once a plant is old enough it is moved up to the next stage of development where a new type of light and this light is often adjustable in not only intensity, but in proximity to the plant. Such measures are in place to ensure that every stage of a plant’s growth cycle is optimized to increase the yield. The optimization is present not only in the multi-tiered setup but also in the hydroponics aspect of the system as well.

Lighting Concepts


Lighting within an advanced level grow box is selected to specifically encourage a high level of production both at early and late stages of plant growth. This level of sophistication in conjunction with hydroponics can increase plant yields by up to 5 times. With the large increase in plant yields that these advanced systems can generate it is no wonder that they are a bit more expensive than their counterparts. This sort of sophistication while not cheap ensures that there will be positive results, and that alone is worth the extra investment. Many simplistic grow boxes fail for a variety of reasons, so-called advanced grow boxes prove to often be worth their weight in gold where dependability is concerned.

Ease of Use

While the term advanced might put some people off, it is actually a very simplified method of growing, and often advanced grow boxes feature “integration-minded” appearances. These particular grow boxes are often made to look like furniture such as a locker or a dresser. This is so that the grow box can blend in with the other furniture in the home and not be an eyesore. Cords and other unsightly equipment are often covered up by the grow box’s own design in order to prevent the device’s true nature from being obvious. Out of the box functionality for grow box apparatuses is the norm, and most people will find it extremely simple to begin growing plants immediately. An advanced grow box is designed to be user friendly for both advanced and novice users alike, if the budget is available this is by far the best choice!