Light Deprivation Greenhouses

Affordable Full Auto Light Deprivation Greenhouse

  • Most Affordable Full Auto High Quality Light Dep
  • Harvest Multiple Times Per Year With Light Deprivation
  • Rivals Indoor Quality Plants & 80% Less Energy Cost

Grow Consuming Half the Power!

Automatic Light Deprivation Greenhouses, or Auto Blackout Greenhouses, are the newest rage for high end plant growers. Light dep greenhouses let you grow the absolute best flowers without thousands a month in power bills that a typical indoor grow would suffice. Our line of automated light dep greenhouses are at least 50% less then anything else on the market, and our shipping is cheap. Feel free to try to find something better online!

Why Light Deprivation?

The highest quality flowers can be produced with light deprivation because you have the environmental controls of an indoor facility but the spectrum and lumens the SUN provides.

Controlling the light cycle by depping (covering) the greenhouse gives the growers the ability to grow more dense flower by being exact with the timing of the flowering photo periods. The biggest advantage of our fully automated light deprivation greenhouses is the ability to get this timing exact. One forgetful grower forgetting to pull tarps on a manual greenhouse by just a few minutes here and there can really impact the quality of the flower.

Need Another Reason to use an Auto Blackout?

Light dep greenhouses also allow growers to harvest multiple times per year by force flowering your plants early and using supplemental lighting to grow into the winter or even start early in the spring.